Health and Wellness Facilities

Health and Wellness Facilities

Everyone needs access to wellness and health facilities. However, many distressed families and individuals who do not have insurance or health coverage have to suffer. As they are also a part of our community, our health and coverage should not be neglected.

To make health and wellness facilities available for our people, AUCNA sponsors doctor visits, medication, hospital care and pays paramedical staff for their services.

Our goal is to maximize healthcare benefits for everyone, especially financially strained families. In addition, we are assisting child care centers, senior care facilities and supporting paramedical staff as well in living a prosperous life. All of this requires resources and funds. This is where our donors and sponsors come in. please donate for our cause to make our neighborhood a better place together.

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AUCNA is an entirely community-led and participated organization driven by social responsibility. We need your help, support, and donations to spread the impact.