Recycling in Urban Areas

Recycling in Urban Areas

We need to recycle more and reduce waste beyond what we are producing to impact our ecosystem positively. At AUCNA, we believe in developing and educating the best practices not just to reduce waste but the production of waste as well. This can be only be done by changing our behavior and switching to more nature-friendly products.

AUCNA is working to bring a positive impact by running recycling campaigns in the area, providing facilities and instruments to help manage waste. We also run awareness campaigns to foster a better understanding of the need for recycling. In addition, we are developing processes that can improve our recycling capacities locally.

One of the focus areas of AUCNA is the reduction of waste in production, construction, and retail wastage to recover landfills as well.

We are seeking donations and volunteers to help us recycle, reduce landfills, and run awareness campaigns to make AUC a better place.

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AUCNA is an entirely community-led and participated organization driven by social responsibility. We need your help, support, and donations to spread the impact.