Affordable Housing Campaign

The high inflation rate and the rising cost of living have led many thriving families to regress into smaller homes and even homelessness. The increasing number of bank defaults and foreclosures is making the lives of our people difficult. These are the times when prosperous individuals and corporations can help us empower such families and give them another chance with affordable housing.

AUCNA plans to develop low-cost facilities that distressed families can home. Instead of new development, we will recuperate old yet safe buildings, renovate them and make them available to families that need them.

We often also combine this campaign with the historic preservation campaign to create better living conditions for residents and new immigrants; this happens when we have to refurbish a building with historical value.

AUCNA seeks your support, donations to find such locations, recover and refurbish them and make them available as Atlanta’s affordable housing facilities for families in need.

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