Towards a Financially Secure Ecosystem

Training the Youth in Employable Skills, Creating Opportunities, Enabling Entrepreneurship, and Strengthening Local Businesses

AUCNA is constructing a network that incorporates corporate administrations, businesses, local area associations, impact generating organizations, the scholarly community, and economic influencers. It improves economic processes and creates more opportunities for those in need, raising their living standards and supporting long-term development and stability in the neighborhood.

ACUNA continues its commitment to increasing public involvement and participation as one of the critical components of economic development. We seek to mobilize the expertise, capacity, and knowledge in various ways to achieve our development objectives, contribute to host government and national priorities and advance community development.

We work with local stakeholders and their networks to support various opportunity-producing programs and strengthen their capacity to achieve their missions.

We believe that by building our capacity to manage and administer resources and programs through the local program and improving the employable aptitude of the locals in next-generation vocations and tech, we are helping to deepen the roots of social responsibility.

AUCNA is working with various local and national organizations to invest in our neighborhood and create a path to progress for the locals.

Let's Join Hands To Make A Difference


AUCNA is an entirely community-led and participated organization driven by social responsibility. We need your help, support, and donations to spread the impact.