Developing an Eco-Friendly Neighborhood

Planting Trees, Promoting Urban Farming, Preserving and Growing Green Spaces, and Optimizing Community Infrastructure for a Transformative Impact

AUCNA’s green infrastructure initiative is adopted to keep the environment clean. It makes use of different practices, including the use of green products, which are ecologically viable. It uses energy-intensive techniques to reduce carbon footprints as much as possible.

AUCNA is actively developing actionable strategies and taking action for a robust, all-encompassing green infrastructure. The purpose of this initiative is to scale up corporate investments in green infrastructure (GI) as a strategy to regulate water supply and increase resilience to climate change. Direct beneficiaries would be urban populations and productive sectors, such as agriculture, vulnerable to water scarcity and floods. AUCNA helps plan and implement strategies that will restore and protect the ecosystem and put the desired natural resource, like land. It also encompasses urban agriculture by putting some bare areas to farmland.

AUCNA is taking initiatives to increase tree plantation and preserve trees and plants in and around the community to help reduce the increasing temperature surge to a great extent. Moreover, trees can also help prevent soil erosion, thus maintaining the fertility of the soil for farmland. Then the planted trees are capable of absorbing most of the toxic and obnoxious gases, thus helping in improving the air quality.

Let's Join Hands To Make A Difference


AUCNA is an entirely community-led and participated organization driven by social responsibility. We need your help, support, and donations to spread the impact.