Turning a Calamity into Opportunity

Developing Localized Policies and Infrastructure to the Utilization of Storm Water for Preservation of Nature and Contribute to Local Water Resources.

AUCNA has launched several initiatives for stormwater that flows directly from the streets into creeks and rivers with little or no treatment. Stormwater management will reduce runoff of rainwater or melted snow into streets, lawns, and other sites and the improvement of water quality

AUCNA plays a crucial role in helping to plug gaps by conducting research to facilitate policy development, building institutional capacity, and facilitating independent dialogue with civil society to help people live more sustainable lifestyles.

AUCNA is working with local authorities to preserve and better manage stormwater runoff. The stormwater rushing off impermeable surfaces dumps far more pollution into waterways than porous pavements that absorb and filter toxins. The result of these impervious areas is a contaminated pool of dirty water draining into rivers and streams

AUCNA has taken initiatives for an innovative green stormwater infrastructure design and implementation project. We are providing leadership for growing environmental engineering practice and support for stormwater management and wastewater management services by moving ahead with cost-effective stormwater management plans of their own.

Let's Join Hands To Make A Difference


AUCNA is an entirely community-led and participated organization driven by social responsibility. We need your help, support, and donations to spread the impact.