Your Participation Matters

Residents, business and property owners, and other stakeholders within the Atlanta University Center Neighborhood Association boundaries (Martin Luther King Jr. on the north, I-20 on the south, Joseph E. Lowery on the west, and Northside Drive on the east.) are invited to attend monthly Board Meetings held on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM. The discussions focus on programming, events and issues impacting the neighborhood.

Meetings are held at University Choice Neighborhood Office 227 Roach St. (Fair Street at Larkin Street) Atlanta, GA 30314.


Lyndon Greene received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems from the University of Houston­-Downtown where he served as president of Beta Gamma Sigma business honor society and is formerly the Chief Technology/Export Compliance Officer for a United States Department of Defense contractor.

He is an expert in the design and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance information technology infrastructures and applications that address complex business problems. Having pioneered businesses in various sectors and markets, he brings more than 10 years of information technology and executive management experience, growing and scaling both emerging and Fortune 500 technology companies.

He has maintained a lifetime appreciation and passion for the arts, particularly music. As an accomplished musical artist, he has written, arranged, produced, and performed nationally for more than a decade. Mr. Greene has many works and registered copyrights with The U.S. Library of Congress and is a longtime member of BMI. A strong advocate for education, leadership, and entrepreneurship, he encourages individuals and organizations to adopt community service as a core value. His current projects include the development of transportation services for the handicapped and seniors, community music arts lab, as well as the establishment of modern technological community training and development resource centers. In addition, Mr. Greene is a founder and CEO of PUF (People United Foundation, Inc.), a national 501 c-3 non-profit building sustainable communities of educated leaders and entrepreneurs.


Together, we can make an impact and elevate our community

The Atlanta University Center Neighborhood Association is always looking for residents interested in volunteering to help with our programs and events, as well as offer support through sponsorship. Together we can help preserve and improve the quality of life in the AUC area for years to come. For more information on our upcoming events and how you can help, email us at Info@aucna.online.

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Vice President

Eric Miller


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Wanda Whiteside



The AUCNA currently has seven (7) seven committee openings:

Public Relations and Marketing Committee

The Public Relations and Marketing Committee will be responsible for the dissemination of approved information concerning AUCNA business. The committee will develop media contacts and a relationship with the Public Relations departments of each Atlanta University Center school as well as other community new outlets for the purpose of informing them of activities of the AUCNA as needed. This committee will provide new members with welcome packages to include the organization’s by-laws. The committee will distribute meeting notices and press releases. All materials for distribution must be approved by the President and Executive Committee. This committee will meet once a month and report to the general body at the regular monthly meeting.

Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee will work to reduce and prevent crime in the neighborhood. The committee will work with AUCNA members and residents to inform and make them aware of crimes being committed in the neighborhood and the efforts to reduce and prevent crimes from being committed. This committee will create, support and implement resident driven public safety training programs like Neighborhood Watch. The committee will report to the general body monthly.

Community and Economic Development Committee

The Community and Economic Development Committee will work to identify and implement strategies to improve the quality of life and make the area a more desirable place to live, work, play and attend school. The committee will help to identify sources of job creation, and income producing opportunities. The committee will identify the core needs to the neighborhood and help to develop goals and objectives to address those core needs. The committee will use asset mapping and design visioning to reach those goals. The committee will assist with attracting and maintaining retail and service businesses for the area. This committee will report to the general body on a monthly basis.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee will have the responsibility of fund raising for the organization. The committee will identify potential grants that will meet the goals and objective of the AUCNA. Upon approval of by general body, this committee will submit grant proposals as needed. This committee shall create and implement a fund raising campaign with assistance from the general body.

Education Committee

The Education Committee shall create a relationship with the public and private schools (elementary, middle and high schools) within the boundaries of the AUCNA. This committee will identify methods to assist schools as needed. The committee shall help publicize positive stories of educational accomplishments in all schools.

By-Laws Committee

The By-Laws Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Association’s Bylaws. This committee also provides the necessary communication to the membership pertaining to the Bylaws including but limited to proposed amendments.

Membership Committee

The Membership committee is responsible to recruit prospective members for membership in the Association, to insure the retention of current members, and to help the Association achieve steady and healthy growth.

The membership committee monitors all aspects of membership, including invitations, retention and education—bringing in new members, teaching them about AUCNA and then ensuring that the member experience meets everyone’s expectations.

The membership chair develops new member prospect lists and recruitment opportunities. The membership chair works closely with the president and secretary to plan membership drives and special meetings for prospective members. The chair sets membership goals with input from the president, secretary, and vice-president.


AUCNA is a leading socio-economic development organization focusing on preserving the historical significance of the neighborhood. We create sustainable infrastructure, restore landmarks, create business and entrepreneurial opportunities for the people, and impart top-quality education and success opportunities.